Group 2:

Group 1: 

Round 3

The three artists selected to receive $30,000 Implementation Awards from ARTisPHL are listed below!  Click on each artist’s name to read about their projects.

  “Along the 23”  by Christina Maria Castro-Tauser

  “Gather Together in Their Name” by JungWoong Kim with Shavon Norris

  “Our Market” by Michelle Angela Ortiz

Round 2

Below are the 10 artists selected to receive $1,500 awards from ARTisPHL   Click on each artist’s name to read their Impact statement.

   Christina Maria Castro-Tauser

  Helen Maurene Cooper

  Jacob C Hammes

  JungWoong Kim

  Kevin Cook

  Linda Fernandez

  Li Sumpter

  Michelle Angela Ortiz

  Sheila Zagar

  Theresa Rose and David Guinn