Idea: A community quilting bee to benefit the grief stricken in Olney.
Primary artistic medium: crafts and textiles


Carla “Mama Carla” Wiley has been a preschool specialist, parenting educator, storyteller/oral historian, quilt historian and writer for over 25 years. Currently, she has been combining the nationally known Mother Read Family Literacy model with her Human Race Studies Certification and writing a curriculum to be used throughout Philadelphia to dismantle racism in education.

Carla has used quilting and storytelling as a means of teaching young women in her Rites of Passage program the steps toward female maturity. Working with institutions as diverse as Aetna, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Civil War Museum, The African American Museum and The Free Library of Philadelphia, Carla has created programs that use stories and quilts to bridge the gap between cultures and peoples. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, she researches tirelessly and shares her findings with all ages through the written and spoken word as well as through fiber art.

Carla was a volunteer quilt instructor at Temple University’s PASCEP program as well as a proud PASCEP Advisory Board Member. She has served on Philadelphia’s First Book committee and taught family literacy throughout the tristate area.

Currently Carla Wiley has retired from her role as a Preschool Teacher and Library Assistant for the Free Library of Philadelphia. She is also the co founder of the cultural arts group Progeny’s Legacy Jamaa.

Project Description

I would like to create with community input quillows ( a quilled bedroom that folds into a pillow) from recycled fabric in the community. These quillows will be given to those dealing with loss and grief in Olney .The recipients will be identified by those who work on the project in our community.