Awardee: Linda Fernandez

Primary Artistic Medium: Literary Arts


As a resident of Cobbs Creek, I am passionate about using my experience as an artist to connect with my neighbors and support my community. My proposed project is the creation of a coloring book to serve as a tool to highlight local assets and residents in the Cobbs Creek neighborhood of West Philadelphia. The coloring book will feature information and illustrations of different types of plant and animal species that exist along the creek. Interviews and hand drawn portraits of local community leaders, historic figures and residents will also be a key feature of the coloring book. The coloring book will also feature places of significance in Cobbs Creek as identified by neighbors. I envision this coloring book to be something that can engage people of all ages to share stories and ideas to be incorporated into the book. The coloring book would be printed and distributed to people who frequent the Cobbs Creek trail and would also be available in a PDF format for digital download.