Selection Criteria

The open application period for ARTisPHL has closed.

Artists for Group 2, Round 3 were chosen by a Review Panel including artists, art professionals, and other stakeholders who know the Philadelphia art community well. The following evaluation criteria guided the Review Panel:

  • Does this project creatively approach the concept of engagement?
  • Does it represent a distinctive point of view?
  • Is it using an unusual or underrepresented art form?
  • How is this applicant defining and relating to a concept of community?
  • Does it think about how to involve members of the community?
  • Does it consider the differences between an audience for artwork and artwork for a community?
  • Does it support new, generative artwork rather than a continuation of an existing project? In progress work was considered only if it is a clear expansion or reinterpretation of the project.  Curation of the work of others is discouraged for this opportunity

For any questions, please contact [email protected]