Selection Criteria

Artists for Group 2 will be chosen by a Review Panel including artists, art professionals, and other stakeholders who know the Philadelphia art community well.  No one factor determines the selection of an idea. The following evaluation criteria will guide the Review Panel choosing ideas to move forward:

  • Does this idea creatively approach the idea of engagement?
  • Does this idea represent a distinctive point of view?
  • Is this idea using an unusual or underrepresented art form?
  • How is this applicant defining and relating to a concept of community?
  • Does this idea think about how to involve members of the community?
  • Does this idea consider the differences between an audience for artwork and artwork for a community?
  • Does this idea support new, generative artwork rather than a continuation of an existing project? In progress work will be considered only if it is a clear expansion or reinterpretation of the project.  Curation of the work of others is discouraged for this opportunity

Required Materials

For consideration, ideas must include:

  • Written description of idea (500 words at most): Tell us about your idea for what engagement means today! Who will be engaged and how? We are looking for ideas, the later rounds allow for further clarification and development.
  • Narrative biography (500 words at most): Tell us about yourself and the life experience that draws you to this opportunity.

Optional Materials

You may also include visual or audio support to help reviewers better understand your idea.  This could be used either to communicate the idea itself or to document previous successful projects that relate to the idea including:

  • Images or sketches (no more than 5);
  • and/or video (not to exceed 5 minutes);
  • and/or audio (not to exceed 5 minutes)
  • an artist headshot
  • a description of your idea in one sentence or less


The deadline for submitting ideas was 4:00PM ET, Friday, April 29, 2022

For any questions, please contact