Idea:  An ongoing campaign to create sustainable and supportive ecosystems for queer communities.
Primary artistic medium: 2D visual arts


Public art chose me as one of its parishioners, and my upbringing as a third-generation Philadelphian and perpetual student of my community prepared me to oblige enthusiastically. I hold a BA in Studio Art from Kutztown University where I studied large-scale metal fabrication. In 2022 my public artworks were featured in Australia’s Thrill List as attractions to visit Philadelphia.

Project Description

I’m like to wheatpaste historical facts and archival images about Pride’s history and the LGBTQ+ around the city to show how Pride started with a protest and how wide-ranging and diverse the queer community is. These posts will serve as public announcements and educational materials to explain that queer people exist all 365 days of the year, not just in June for Pride Month.

 Nile Livingston