ARTisPHL is a program for artists working in all mediums and at every experience level.  The goal is to create high-quality, artist-driven, and community-informed public art.  We hope to provide opportunities for both funding and exposure for artists who may not have previously considered or had access to this type of arts practice.  The resulting projects will be temporary public artworks.  See below for a summary of the project timeline.

Group 2

Round 1: Ideas (up to 50 awards of $1,000 each) 

Application period opened February, 2022.
Awardees to be notified in July 2022

Round 2: Impact (up to 10 awards of $1,500 each) 
Eligible to artists who received awards in Group 2, Round 1 only.

Application period for Round 1 recipients to open in July 2022
The committee will select up to 10 Awardees to be announced October 2022.

Round 3: Implementation (up to 3 awards of $30,000 each)
Eligible to artists who received awards in Group 2, Round 2 only.

Proposals to be submitted in late fall 2022.  The committee anticipates selecting three artists to move forward with their projects by winter 2022/2023.

Group 1

See awardees from Rounds 1, 2, and 3 on the Awardees page.

For any questions, please contact