Awardee: Deanna Mclaughlin

Primary Artistic Medium: Visual Arts, 3 Dimensional


MORE WE/ LESS ME is intended to activate the viewer to reflect on the importance of our actions and interactions with one another. These two words contain a message with Universal appeal offering the ability to empower, lift up, heal, inspire, and build trust with one another regardless of our outward appearance or our individual differences. “More WE /Less ME” addresses the issue of community and equality with a straightforward message. Surrounding the base of ME/WE are colorfully engraved placards listing The 30 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948, as a result of the experience of the Second World War. Known to few and forgotten by many, these 30 amendments emphasize the essence of the role of our Democracy. What is lacking in our culture is understanding which comes through education. Providing an opportunity for education and healing through a visually engaging symbol of inclusion will assist in nurturing one another during our current climate of criminal justice, the broad awakening of social inequities heightened by the global pandemic, and a surge of protest movements across the Nation which have unearthed the Nation’s entanglement with racism, bigotry, and ingrained institutional oppression.

Less ME/More WE” is a motion propelled sculptural project. Painted or polished plasma cut steel constantly rotating the words “Less ME/More WE” is suspended above a base with colorfully engraved placards listing The 30 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Currently powered by a chicken rotisserie, the goal for the end model will be to set in motion the sculpture with an underground water source or solar panels to embrace our Nation’s goal of using alternative energy sources. Each side of the sculpture has raised lettering within the “ME/WE” component: “LESS” is engraved in the large base word: “ME”. “MORE” is engraved on the word “WE”. Currently, the lettering has been created with brazing however welded metal giving the lettering dimension will allow edges to be crisp and easily readable. This interactive sculpture will be realized in full scale (approximately 4’ x 6’ dimension of ME/WE lettering) with a higher side structure adjusted for the security, individual safety, and relevance to the location placement. Either alternative energy or secure and efficient motorization will be embedded in the base of the structure encased in steel or some other equally substantial material with an access panel for motor maintenance. Consideration for the surface patina could be polished steel with the contrasting coloration of “less” and “more” lettering for visual attention. To create an environment, options include: eye-level rectangular or hexagonal base structure including the International Declaration of Human Rights, embedding cement placards in a version of stanchion poles, or the placards could be on the ground surrounding the moving sculpture. Colorful lettering will draw the viewer’s eye toward the moving element: “Less ME/ More WE”. Adjustment to the scale and coloration are possible and will be determined by the parameters of space for the installation.