Idea: Cobbs Creek Art club is a monthly intergenerational workshop for families and people of all ages.
Primary artistic medium: 2D visual arts


I am a West Philly based Latinx artist, educator and advocate for community centered art in public spaces. In 2018 I received an award for my research on “The Role of Artists in Anti-Displacement” which investigates trends in neighborhood change and places artists in the role of community organizers working to prevent physical and cultural displacement. My artistic practice is rooted in collaboration.

My work involves coordinating the creative exchange of messages, artwork and personal artifacts between people across physical, social and cultural divides. As a result, interactions through exchange create solidarity, unity and a sense of belonging which are important human needs. These collaborative works bring a diversity of voices, ideas and dreams to the table. I have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Tyler School of Art, a certificate in Contemporary Art from Metafora Escola de Arte Contemporaneo in Barcelona, Spain, and a Master’s in Public Administration from Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs. I am an alumni of National Urban Fellows and the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute’s Intercultural Advocacy Fellowship.

Project Description

Cobbs Creek Art club is a monthly intergenerational workshop for families and people of all ages in the Cobbs Creek neighborhood. Workshops will be
designed to express creativity and learn about nature with a focus on community building, meditation and mindfulness! Cobbs Creek has some amazing natural resources including indigenous species of plants, wildlife and the creek which is part of the Lenapehoking watershed.

We’ll explore different art forms led by local artists and inspired by nature. No experience necessary, only a willingness to explore and create with neighbors and local artists in Cobbs Creek. Artworks created in the workshops can be displayed at the Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center and Cobbs Creek Library. In the Springtime we will host an outdoor artist and artisan market along 63rd street, partnering with local businesses and featuring handmade art and products created by people in the community.

As a 7 year resident of the Cobbs Creek neighborhood, I’ve been engaging with my community in various ways. I’ve spent many mornings with neighbors cleaning the trails and pedestrian walkways along 63rd street. I’ve participated in programming at the Environmental Center such as Zumba classes and nature walks. I’ve created an environmental justice curriculum and worked with teens using art to advocate for environmental issues. I also walk the trail regularly with my dog and have met many neighbors who also enjoy a nature walk with their dogs.

For this project I seek to further engage with my community using art as a way to appreciate and learn about nature and express local culture. Cobbs Creek is experiencing change and revitalization in ways it hasn’t seen in decades. While this can be exciting it can also be uncomfortable to be in the midst of such changes. My goal is to create a safe inclusive space for residents both old and new to share ideas and forge relationships that can strengthen community led initiatives.