Awardee: Chantal Vorobei Thieves

Primary Artistic Medium: Media Arts


Memory, Vein: the collected tales” is a live mix of film commentary, interviews with audience members, and a shared memory making experience where in we will view scenes from films as well as whole movies and share our associated memories we have linked with them, whether directly related or not. This is an evolution or next phase of my ongoing project, “Memory, Vein,” and will involve incorporating various methods of documenting my own memories as they relate to films I have seen, the ways those films have altered my own memories and the vocabulary of my memories, as well as branching further out into recording other people’s memories and how they relate to film scenes. For this piece, we will have a collection of these pre-recorded veins available for viewing in different formats around the city on solar powered private screening booths, as well as the opportunity to make your own at a mobile booth where we will find the film scenes and make the resulting commentary video together. Another expansion on this idea would be larger screenings where the entire audience would be able to get in on the action. There will be multiple microphones available for people to share their memories as we all watch a film, live mixed so that they can be heard over the film, as a kind of mystery science theater meets director’s commentary hybrid.

I’ve already been awarded a residency with PAPA , sponsored by AAI and PAAFF to do a pilot version of this as a single online screening event this November for the PAAFFestival, so this would be a great evolution of the project. Further examples of Memory, Vein can be found here: